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Hotmail Not Working on iphone

Hotmial not working at all

If you are a frequent Outlook user, you understand how important it is that your email channel remains up and running at all times to allow for effective communication. Unfortunately, just like any other piece of tech, it is prone to errors and may occasionally give you some trouble with its operation, especially if you are using it on a mobile device such as an iPhone. Sometimes, the most innocuous of external factors can end up interfering with your Hotmail mailing system. So how do you deal with the issue when your Hotmail not working on iPhone 

Easiest Way Hotmail Not Working on iPhone?

To help you out and make things a bit simpler, here is a little guide on how you can get Hotmail to start working once again on your iPhone. There are multiple reasons why it may not be working on your mobile device, including an inability to sync the server with the device, no response from the DNS, inability to log into or recover your account, or simply a few external factors influencing the performance of your Mail application.

  • Make sure that you are using the most updated and latest version of iOS on your iPhone.
    • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
    • Tap on General.
    • One of the top options will be Software Update.
    • Click on that to see if you have any impending updates that may be hindering your phone performance.
  • Check for any updates for your Hotmail application. You can do so by going to the App Store and checking or specific updates for that app in particular.
  • Shut down and then restart your iPhone to give it a bit of a breather. You can also reboot it by pressing down on the home and power buttons simultaneously.
  • You can also choose to configure your Hotmail account on your iPhone in the case that none of the above techniques resolve the issue.
    • Open the Settings option in your phone.
    • Choose the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars option by scrolling down the menu.
    • Remove your nonfunctional Hotmail account from the iPhone.
    • Choose Add Account and re-enter your credentials.
    • Verify your account and check to see if the Mail app works again.
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