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How Do I Change My Netflix Password?

Change Password on Netflix

Change Password on Netflix

Streaming services have become a holy grail in the modern world for almost every individual. Services like Hulu and Netflix enable people to access a tone of content for only a small subscription fee, making it one of the primary sources of entertainment and enjoyment for most individuals. Netflix, in particular, has sparked a significant revolution in terms of the way the masses consume content and has become a staple in most homes beside or in place of cable.

Your Netflix password is the key to the world that lies beyond. Your account also contains all of your account and billing information. That is why it is important to keep changing it occasionally to ensure that you do not have any unwanted intruders or leeches. Here is a little guide on how you can go about to change Netflix password on a browser or on a mobile phone.

Content is, indeed, king and this fact is clearly reflected in the utter popularity of streaming services in the modern era, especially Netflix. Netflix has become something of a cultural phenomenon, an absolute giant when it comes to content, original or otherwise. With millions upon millions of monthly subscribers using the interface, it is only understandable that some may end up forgetting the password to their account occasionally. And as you can imagine, there can be no worse feeling than being locked out of a sea of amazing entertainment opportunities.

So whether you are just not that good at remembering passwords or are sick of your friend piggybacking off of your subscription because they figured out your password, here is a helpful little guide on how to Change Password on Netflix

Steps for How to Change Password on Netflix

If you would simply like to change your password for security reasons or otherwise, you can do so by either accessing your Netflix account through a browser or by accessing the iOS or Android Netflix application.  Here is step by step process how to Change password on Netflix.

Changing Password through the Browser

 Guideline to How to Change Netflix Password  on the browser with  simple & easy steps for user’s 

● Open Netflix on your browser.
● Log in to your account by entering your credentials.
● Hover the pointer on your name in the upper right corner.
● Select Your Account and then click on Change Password.
● Here, you will be asked to enter your current password and then your new, changed password. Re-enter the latter to confirm it.
● Before you select save, you can also choose to Require All Devices to Sign in Again with New Password. This ensures that no one can enter your account without access to the new password regardless of whether or not you were already signed in from a particular device.

Changing Password using the iOS or Android App
● Launch the Netflix app on your phone or tablet.
● Log into your account.
● Tap on the Menu option in the upper left corner.
● Select Account.
● You will be taken to a browser page where you will be asked to enter your current and new passwords similar to how it is mentioned above.

How to Find Netflix Password Without Resetting

Here are the Steps  find Netflix password without Resetting

First of all, Go to
Sign in your google account to verify ownership
Under Saved passwords, look for Netflix
Click the eye icon next to Netflix to see the Netflix password
finally you can use this password to log in


There are a number of methods you can use to get your password reset. These include the following
● Using email to change your password.
○ Go to help.
○ Choose the option to reset your password using Email.
○ Enter your email address where prompted.
○ Click on Email Me.
○ Open up your email and follow the given instructions.
● Using text messages on your phone number to change your password.
○ Go to
○ Choose the option to reset your password using text messages.
○ Enter your phone number where prompted.
○ Click on Text Me.
○ Enter the verification code into the given area.
● Using your billing information to change your password.
○ Go to
○ Choose the option that says I Don’t Remember my Email or Phone.
○ Enter the first and last name mentioned on your account along with the debit card number you use to pay for your subscription.
○ Click on Find Account.

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